Architectural Deadlines

This has been one of those crazy days… run run run! Last day before a presentation deadline. Oh the camaraderie! It is during these periods of test that true team players shine through. And it is this adrenaline surge that drives me and makes me want to remain in architecture. One person adding shadows to elevations, another revising the SketchUp model, one adding entourage to the renderings, another creating final slides, and yet another printing the handouts. On top of it all, the boss is asking us to make changes. Absolute madness! Ah, what a wonderful ordeal!

I’ll be honest, I think about leaving this profession at least once a week. And then a crazy day comes along when I have no time to have lunch and I am running around trying to be efficient to the minute. And it pulls be back in! It is like nicotine. Architecture is an addiction, you just can’t leave it! Once you are an architect, you are an architect for life whether or not you practice.

There isn’t one reason I want to drop everything and just do paintings for the rest of my life. It is the most relaxing experience to paint all day. Those rare days are nice to have. But architecture is filled with so many challenging experiences, that there is a constant urge to prove oneself. The only thing on my mind is, “I can do it”! However much beating I receive, I will accept all the criticism like a man and forgive you for your impolite ranting(s). I absolutely love to draw. As long as I get to do that, I am happy.

So all the complainers of this world, just draw. Anytime this profession drives you nuts, people are cursing, there is no respect for women, and the world seems to come to a close… just draw.