Can Architects Design Anything?

Guest blogging for conferences is a great way to get into the door and be a part of inspiring conversations! I had the opportunity of guest blogging for TYPO San Francisco last week and getting to hear conversations focused on design. Themed CONTRAST, the presentations dealt with design in typography, graphics, photography, A/V production, etc. ranging from advertisement signs to published books to TV commercials and movies. Check out the breadth of conversations in the blog posts at

This was an eye-opening experience for me as an architect. For some reason, I used to be under the impression that there isn’t much to design beyond what architects are exposed to. Beyond buildings, if architects can design furniture, light fixtures, shoes and entire fashion lines, no platform is too far beyond an architect’s capacity. Easier said than done! Design is so vast that not everything can be done by anyone even if we belong to creative fields that branch out from similar backgrounds. I, for one, have the deepest regards for all artists and designers following the TYPO conference that helped me understand that there is a lot more under the surface. My 2 cents… Before you consider branching out to a non-traditional path from architecture, consider your exposure, training and experience in the field of design. It may or may not be the right avenue for you, but follow your passion and let design lead the way!

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