Fashion and Architecture

Victor Rolf

The overlap between fashion and architecture is undeniable. This was established long time ago, and yet is a subject scarcely discussed. Similar to the fashion industry, architecture goes through trends every few years. One starchitect uses a certain style and architects all over the world start copying it. Just like the Gehry or Libeskind style might be so last decade, there are certain elements so next season! Here’s what’s being discussed in the ‘architecouture’ circles: Metals have been overused, Corten is still surviving. Patterns are in, the bolder the better. But don’t overdo it! Texture is in, acid colors are OUT. Stay away from large expanses of glass and use wood only for “the natural look.” Polycarbonate cladding had its moment in 2003; use it at your own risk. Stepped and wedged buildings are so over!

What is in? Accessories! With Zaha Hadid & Rem Koolhaas designing shoes and Frank Gehry designing jewelry, the options are unlimited! Louis Vuitton released Art, Fashion and Architecture last year to cover the latest fashion trends inspired by architecture and vice versa. Have you seen the catwalk lately? Membranes, metals, plastics and glass are being used in outfits. Textiles are being manufactured to act as wearable dwellings. Words like draping, layering, stitching, cutting and pleating have migrated from fabrics to architectural vocabulary. The division lines between fashion and architecture are now invisible. Creative possibilities are plenty and we don’t have to limit ourselves to buildings.

Santiago Calatrava

While we are on the subject… Why Do Architects Wear Black? It’s compiled by Cordula Rau – read it. I see combed hair, leather shoes, long pants and shirt with a tie… We are supposed to be from a creative field! I don’t suggest we dress like teenagers, but we might have an inner creativity that is being suppressed in the architectural circles of BLACK attire. Don’t get me wrong, I love black! But I am not afraid of color. I am simply getting weary of all the black dresses in my closet!

Express yourself. Accessorize! And please, don’t wear casual shoes with a tuxedo, no matter which designer they are!

Julian Hakes

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