Rejuvenating Architecture

The calls started in 2008… “Is your firm hiring? I’m looking.” The calls increased with time. Halfway through 2009, the phone went silent. The lay-offs hadn’t stopped, but it was known by then that nobody was hiring. Firm owners had lost well-trained competent employees. The decisions were tough and heartbreaking, but had to be made. Managers lost key team members, while the team members lost their source of income. Some were forced to change their field to make ends meet, some moved away, while others are just waiting. Everybody lost top to bottom. The biggest loss… morale.

What do we do when we’ve suffered a major loss? We fight back! Forget the past, its history. We need to spend our energy looking ahead, not in the rearview mirror. The innovators and risk-takers will survive; those who wait for the better times are not the fittest. The focus needs to shift to future possibilities and making them happen through any associated costs. The key tool – adaptability. Future is uncertain; but if things were certain, there’ll be no reason to fight!

Let us reestablish architects as the leaders of the built environment. To rejuvenating architecture!

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